At the special PTA meeting in the Town Hall on the Tuesday evening, parents and supporters pledged money and time to the campaign.

Packed PTA meeting in Town Hall. All four of the headteachers who served the school in its 12 years of life can be seen in this photo. At the table are Harry Clarke (first head) and John Leavold, the head at the time of the meeting. In the mirror you can see Nick Wheeler Robinson (2nd headmaster, in first row) and Gwilym Morris who would become the 4th head (seated, 4th row)


15th January Protest march along Uxbridge Road organised by 3rd former Samantha Fry
18th January 1983 Council ratiies Education Committee decision (at 1am the next morning!)
18th January 1983 Extraordinary PTA meeting in Ealing Twon Hall, Save Elthorne Campaign Committee launched