December 20th 1982, the first Monday of the school Christmas holidays. At a meeting of the London Borough of Ealing's Education Sub-Commitee a motion to close ELTHORNE HIGH SCHOOL in Hanwell was carried by the casting vote of the chairman, Mrs June Shipton.

By the end of the holidays the pupils, parents and staff were mobilising for a campaign to Keep Elthorne High! The Council meeting where the decision was to be ratified was heralded by a mass protest outside, and on the Saturday prior to that 3rd year pupil Samantha Fry organised a protest march from Hanwell to the Town Hall.



17th December 1982 Term ends for Christmas holidays, Headmaster Nicholas Wheeler Robinson leaves for a new post
20th December 1982 Education Committee votes to close Elthorne
During the holidays there were many phone calls and plans made, ready for the full council meeting in mid-January. New headmaster John Leavold takes up his position.