The Save Elthorne Campaign was well covered by LBC radio, and their reports were included (with permission!) in a fund raising souvenir tape of the campaign made during the summer term of 1983. You can hear The Save Elthorne Cassette by clicking the link below. Also, during 1984/5 we produced another audio souvenir, looking back at the last few years of Elthorne's life.

The Save Elthorne Cassette, 1983 47MB streamed mp3

Elthorne High School, 1985 44MB streamed mp3

The protest songs

(all mp3):

The Sewer Song and "They're going to take our High School away", both composed and sung by Sharon Childs

Please don't close Elthorne High, Ian Green and Carol Kupiscz

The end...

Final closure announcement by John Leavold

28th June 1986 Final Event speeches

Other Sound recordings

I have been asked by several people for other recordings of Elthorne in its last days. Keep checking back, more will be added as time goes on.


My friend Clive Longhurst and his family produced an annual Mastermind competition  for the Sixth Form from 1981 to 1983. At the moment I cannot find a recording of the first one, which is a pity as the winner was David Clark who became the BBC Mastermind Champion in 2007 (broadcast 2008). And the recording I have of the 1983 competition (featuring the 2008/2009 Mayor of Ealing Ian Green) has a major problem with the sound as we had techhnical difficulties that night with the microphones.However, the 1982 competition is now  available as MP3 below:

1982 Specialist Round         1982 General Knowledge (sound fault for first few seconds)

Plays and Musicals

I've also been asked for any recordings of the stage shows we did.... happy to oblige. First one available is 1982's Dracula Spectacular.

First Part  of recording                   Second Part  of recording


Tape of walk to Bonfire at Pigotts Study Week 1983