The following are, for the most part, unedited and taken straight from the cassettes recorded off air. My aim was to get either jingles, voices or ads and there is some irritating switching on and off of the tape in the recordings. All in mp3 format.


Original LBC jingles
Early 1974, collection of the original jingles in their later format with Douglas Cameron on voice over (hence recorded between March and summer)
LBC New Sound 1974
The new Jeff Wayne jingles, as first heard in mid-1974
1974/75 clips
1st Birthday, October 74 election, Frequency change, end of 24 hour broadcasting. Some great old ads too. 1st live broadcast from Parliament
1974 Nightline
Clips from Adrian Love's Nightline in 1974
Melanie Parker and Jingles
the last few weeks of Augustus Barnett's ad series, performed as a Soap Opera: THE WORLD OF MELANIE PARKER. Also contains jingles, the LBC Minstrel, LBC's 10th birthday etc. Anything Goes theme. Some ITV themes too (LWT's 6 o'clock Show, Blockbusters, Robin Hood).
George Gale
Undated segment of George Gale's Open Line
A couple of Freddie Barrett's operatic ads for his Liquormart in Brewer Street
Mr Nasty "Colds" Brief clip of Mr Nasty arguing with callers and Jean Davis, with Susannah Simons reading the news
1975/78 AM endings
Clips from end of AM programme Summer 75 and also 1978. Robin Houston, Bob and Doug. Also some LBC Reports with Tricia Ingrams.
1977 recordings
Mono recordings, including various presenters on AM, Jellybone with Jean Davis and interview with Kermit the Frog. Also music played as it was the Silver Jubilee.
Just before Easter Brian Hayes' theme, Midday Report and AM clips. Includes whole of Hayes theme with no voice over. I think this was 1977 but might have been the year before.
First Live Parliament
Rick Davis, Peter Allen and Ed Boyle bring the first live broadcast from Parliament (other than the experiment a few years earlier). Question on Wales.

Short clip of Sportswatch theme with Dominic Allen and Suzannah Simons signs off her last LBC Reports

1978 recordings (1)
45 minutes from 1978, including Evening News ad, the Rib Room at the Carlton Tower, some LBC Bloopers, the strike and the first programmes afterwards, Brian Hayes theme, Monty Modlyn trailer and more
1978 recordings (2) More, including clips from AM and LBC Reports (hosted by Paul and Tricia Ingrams), Rick Davies' last LBC Reports, ads from Barretts, British Caledonian and Hertz (No 1 Man). Themes for Sportswatch and After 8...and my own mention on AM!
1978 recordings (3) Nescafe Ad, AM Clips, Brian Hayes clip and Jellybone clip. Sportswatch theme in full, LBC theme n full with no voice-over
Christmas 1981
...with Richard Robbins, Bob and Doug. Greeting messages from many LBC contributors. Ad for Interseal 2000, and a few carols and Christmas songs and facts too.
1986 (approx) excerpts
General sounds from the mid 80s...including several April 1st stories.
1980 and 1987 jingle packages
Singing jingles from 80 and the David Arnold jingle launch in 87, also the Night Extra theme.
Closure announcement
Clips from 5th - 7th September 1993. LBC's franchise was to go elsewhere (it was announced the previous week). Programme clips with Derek Hobson, Andrew Neil, Douglas Cameron (and LBC Phone Vote "LBC should be saved"), Brian Woolfe, Angela Rippon
Steve Jones Christmas Morning 1993 Queen's message, David Spanier interview
Steve Jones Theme and a few clips
LBC at 25 Anne Diamond
Breakfast Show on LBC1152 with interviews of Angela Rippon and David Soul. Excerpts from the morning's show.
Nightline Mix
Excerpts from Adrian Love's Nightline, mostly 1974. In those days I recorded it overnight (on slow tape) and then this was re-recorded onto cassette, so quality is not wonderful. In Mono.
Mrs Thatcher Resigns
22nd November 1990. Part of her final moments in the House of Commons.
Frank Bough
Last 10 or so minutes of Frank Bough's afternoon programme and first 2 of Peter Deeley's DriveTime on 25th August  94 (or was it 84...?)
LBC News 1152 Theme  
Sandi Toksvig Undated short clip of Sandi talking with newsreader and Peter Deeley. Includes "all been barmy once" signature tune. Probably 11/6/2004 based on comment about Reagan's funeral.
  Visit David Lloyd's "Radio Moments" - including some clips from first day of LBC not usually heard.