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Relaunch of LBC in 1996



Princess Anne/Mark Phillips Wedding
Pt 1   Pt 2
Pt 3   Pt 4
LBC's first ever major outside broadcast. 14th November 1973, the station was only 6 weeks old. Godfrey Talbot reported from Westminster Abbey, Paul Callan and Gillian Strickland were in the Mall, David Jessell and Janet Street-Porter in the studio. On the whole they did very well. This was recorded off an AM radio, and  this produced the whining noise on the tape. (So I asked for an FM radio for Christmas!). Part 4 starts with an extended news bulletin read by Carol Barnes. Whole thing lasts about three and a half hours.
1973 Christmas Pantomime
Christmas Day 1973, and "Tune Again Whittington". Young Dick comes to London wanting to be Mayor but instead begins the world's first commercial news radio station. Police transmission interfered with this FM recording (nothing was easy in those days!), and I tried to edit these out by re-recording. Hence the quality is reduced as it was moved from tape to tape.
1973 New Year's Eve part 1
Live link up with the just started that day Radio Clyde (who were also linking with Capital...the entire network together!), presented by Tony Fox and Stuart Francis with Ken Guy on news and John Forrest (later to become Mr Nasty) in Trafalgar Square. It starts with Capital Radio, which was being broadcast by Clyde at the time. This runs into 1974 New Year's morning, below.
1974 New Year's Morning part 2
part 3    part 4
part 5
Into the New Year with the Fox/Francis show.  Part 3 starts with Ken Guy reading 1230 news. At 1am Denis Rookard takes over for a simulcast with Radio Clyde (the first ever 261 jingles on LBC!) and more from Capital too. Part 4 also contains talk about the shut down of television at 10:30pm due to the 3 day week. Most of this overnight edition of Nightline is here... LBC active over night in its early days. (recording runs till about 4:30am)
1      3
Duncan Campbell and Andrew Nicold present LBC's 1974 weekly satire show. A reminder of the times with 3 day week, Ted Heath as PM, etc. It didn't run for very long (you'll know why when you hear it!) I recored 3 of the series, the 3rd one was the last in the series, the "Christmas Special" (broadcast 31st August and 1st September). It features the 'best' of the series.
Love in London Late 1975, Adrian Love's last hour on LBC


Concorde's Maiden Flight
LBC is at Heathrow for the maiden flight of Concorde, to Bahrain. An optimistic day!
21st January 1976
Mr Nasty Songbook 18th December 1976. Mr Nasty reviews his greatest songs of the year. Jean Davis trys to control the situation.
Music in Stereo Susannah Simons presents a Festive edition of LBC's evening music programme

Mr Nasty on Jellybone 26 Feb 77
26th March and 7th May 77

"Waterworks" (date unknown) and

11th June 77

Saturday 26th February 1977, Jean Davis tries to control Mr Nasty as he argues with the listeners that Water is Dry.
Then in the second file there are two shows. 26th March 1977 he argues we should go to sleep in the morning and on 7th May 1977 he claims grass is made of paper.

Finally, Mr Nasty takes over.

I wonder how many of today's regular phone-in callers cut their teeth arguing with Mr Nasty?
Silver Jubilee 1977 Vivian White and Carol Allen, with Steve Rider and Laurie Keenan and the Queen's speech at the Guildhall
Bloopers and Mr Nasty An LBC compilation of the station's bloopers, and then a half hour of Mr Nasty on Jellybone with Therese Burch. 11th March 1978.
LBC Reports
Will he or won't he? Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan gives a press conference outside No 10, to announce the date of the General Election...but like Gordon Brown 30 years later he decides not to.  LBC Reports on 7th September 1978 with Sue Jameson and Alan Clark. The political commentator is Peter Allen. The clip cuts off as Colin Turner reads the Dog Results. At the time, LBC Reports was the Drive Time programme.
Christmas 1978 Bob & Doug, Paul & Tricia Ingrams and others


1980 Christmas Day Amateur interview with the Holy Family, interview with Father Christmas and Jellybone good wishes from stations across the land, including jingles from those stations.
Brash Brian
Christmas Panto

1981 (or was it 82?) LBC's Christmas Panto

AM: Falklands Victory


"White flags are flying over Port Stanley". Tuesday 15th June 1982.
Franchise Renewal Mid 1982, LBC is re-awarded the News Radio Franchise for London
News Review of 1982
IRN's News Review of 1982, presented by Douglas Cameron
Jellybone 10 years on
(unknown date). Tommy Boyd presents, with past presenters too.
LBC's 10th Birthday
Two in the Morning
8th October 1983. Janet Street-Porter and Paul Callan take over the Brian Hayes Programme to reflect on their mid-morning show from the original LBC schedule. Also Brian and Douglas Cameron chatting  about the future of LBC at the end. (Gap in middle where tape reverses).
Young London
August 1984, the weekend programme for London's teenagers and young people.
Adrian Love interviews Bob Holness and Douglas Cameron in the last week of Bob's decade on AM. 5th June 1985
Last segment of AM and beginning of Brian Hayes' Show on 6th June 1985

7th June 1985. The last "Bob and Doug Show", as Bob leaves to spend more time with Blockbusters. as well as the usual show there's lots of special words from contributors after 10 years of the on air partnership.
Celebrity Interview
Bob Holness interviews Diana Rigg about her work on stage, film and television before an audience at the Barbican Centre in London. December 1987
7am to 8am on 22nd August 1989. Douglas Cameron and Nicky Broyd presenting. Dominic Allen on sport, Philip Eden with the weather.
Steve Jones
Recorded off London Talkback Radio which was an AM only station. Steve Jones interviews Bob Holness. One hour long.

1990 - end of original LBC and then London News and Newstalk and relaunch of LBC

Nightline with Chris Mann Award winning 5 minute Drama, then interview with Dame Shirley Porter, LBC's owner, about the loss of the franchise
Douglas Cameron
8th October 1993. LBC's 20th Birthday. Douglas Cameron on London Talkback Radio from 5:30am. Calls and memories of LBC's 20 years.
Mike Carlton
part 1   part 2
8th October 1993, LBC's 20th Birthday. Mike Carlton's Morning Report. Fred Housego, Dominic Allan, Douglas Cameron, Brian Wolfe. Aftermath of Conservative Conference and acquittal of Police Officers involved in Birmingham Six Trial. Slightly hissy, radio was not quite tuned properly.
Mike Carlton
part 1   part 2
Friday 17th December 1993. Mike Carlton completes 3 years with LBC and heads off back to Australia. 8am to 9am (in 2 half hour sections). Produced by Chris Lowrie. Features Fred Housego on travel, Brian Wolfe in London Lookout, weather from London Weather Centre and News read by Jonathan Staples.
Steve Jones Sunday 18th May 1994, last part of show and start of Martin Young's Sunday phone-in. The weekend after the death of Labour leader John Smith.
Steve Jones
part 1 part 2
Saturday 11th June 1994. 9am to 10am section of programme (2 half hour sections). John Marriott on film, Ian Ramage reading the news and other regular contributors
The Morning Report
Weds 27 July 1994. 8am -9am approx. Donald Trelford and Sue Carpenter, with Fred Housego and others. National Rail Strike, bombs in London and more. Leads into opening of Simon Bates' phone-in. (Gap in middle where tape reverses)
Douglas Cameron's Breakfast Call 7am to 8am London Talkback Radio, date unknown
Angela Rippon's Drivetime "Traffic and Trains, every 10 minutes' with Fred Housego. Date unknown, c. summer 94
First Edition
15th August 1994. LBC's early evening look at tomorrow's news today
Douglas Cameron's Breakfast Call Peter Thornton answers questions (including mine) about his plans for the new London News stations, following LBC's loss of franchise. 16th August 1994.
Steve Jones' last show
part one
part two
2nd October 1994. Steve's last show on the LBC Newstalk/London Talkback weekend simulcast station. The second part includes the start of Robin Anlow's Sunday Agenda.
Last Soap Box Steve Flashman presents the last of the weekly Christian magazine programmes. 2nd October 1994.

Last Morning Call with Douglas Cameron

part 2, and first show on London Newstalk

4th October 1994. Douglas's last show on London Talkback Radio, before starting with Brian Hayes the next day on London Newstalk
Last Morning Report
The last full day of LBC NewsTalk/London Talkback Radio.
Last Bough/Deeley/Widlake
Sign off from Frank Bough's afternoon show, start of Peter Deeley's Drivetime. Then clip from about 6:30pm and then Peter's final sign off. Start of First Edition with Brian Widlake, including interview with Tricia Ingrams about her new version of First Edition on London NewsTalk.
End of LBC NewsTalk start of London News 97.3
5th October 1994. LBC closes down... though the new stations weren't that popular, and LBC took a long time to regain it's former status when it was later relaunched to try to win back audience (though of course it was the replacement company using the LBC name, not a return to the original LBC... but did the listeners notice?).
Last half-hour of NewsTalk and beginning of London News. (FM version)
End of London Talkback, start of London Newstalk 5th October 1994. LBC closes down and new station starts (AM version)
London Newstalk first Breakfast Show
Douglas Cameron and Brian Hayes' first show on London Newstalk
5th October 1994
London Newstalk first First Edition
Tricia Ingrams presents this from the launch of London News/Talk party. 5th October 1994
The run up on London Newstalk to 11:52am in 1996. And then....

LBC 25th Birthday

LBC's 25th Birthday
6am to 7am. Includes interview with David Jessel. 8/10/98
LBC's 25th Birthday
Cameron Drivetime 1

Drivetime with Douglas Cameron on 8th October 1998. Includes interview with Bob Holness and listeners' memories
LBC's 25th Birthday
Cameron/Churchill review of 25 years
One hour programme looking back at 25 years of Commercial Radio...on LBC's 25th birthday. 8/10/98
LBC's 25th Birthday
Clive Bull
Includes Adrian Love's "Here's the Number" jingle and more memories of LBC past. 8/10/98

Commercial Radio's 25th Birthday

Tape One Tape Two

Bob Holness presents this tribute to the whole commercial radio network on LBC's birthday. Broadcast on Talk Radio.

2000 and onwards

Gyles Brandreth 26 May 2002 18 minute clip from Gyles's weekend programme on LBC 1152
Opening of Chrysalis stations
First hour of both LBC 97.3 and LBC News 1152 on 6th January 2003.
(Gap in middle where tape reverses)
Last Concorde flight LBC News 1152's programme includes coverage of the last commercial flight of Concorde. 24th October 2003.

2003 LBC at 30 - Together Again

Excerpt from later in the day

Midnight News

Bob Holness rejoins Douglas Cameron for this reminisce of the good old days.
LBC at 30 Howard Hughes presents this look back at 30 years of LBC. This was the Christmas Day repeat (25/12/2003)
Petrie Hoskin and James Hartigan Drive Show The last half hour of their final show on 31st October 2003 and then the Nightly News

Douglas Cameron Retirement annoncement

Douglas Cameron's last show

Last bit of Saturday show (clip)

Last Friday with Sue Mansfield (clip)

As 2003 ends, Douglas retires. His last shows on LBC News 1152.

"That Reminds Me":

Jeff Wayne

Steve Allen's guest on his regular Sunday afternoon interview programme on LBC 97.3 is the composer of the LBC theme music (as well as other even more famous pieces).
Prime Minister Tony Blair presenting programme on LBC 12th January 2004, with Howard Hughes.

Sandi Toksvig's Last Week:

Friday 16th Dec (1st hour)

Monday 19th Dec (1 hour only)




Friday 23rd Dec

Sandi Toksvig's lunchtime shows on LBC featured a wide variety of guests, oddities and even live drama. These recordings are from her last week. 19th-23rd December 2005
Iain Dale with Brian Hayes LBC's 40th Birthday, and Brian Hayes is on the Iain Dale programme
Douglas Cameron reads news on Nick Ferrari's Programme LBC's 40th Birthday and Douglas returns for the 8 o'clock news. Lisa Aziz reads the other bulletins, Jon Snow reviews the papers; clips and interviews with other former LBC presenters.
LBC 40th Birthday special Programme to commemorate 40 years of LBC.
LBC launches nationally 11th February 2014, LBC becomes a national station.
LBC News new sound 11th February 2014, LBC News gets a makeover. Jim Diamond presents the Morning Show. (recording off AM)
26th March 2014, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage debate whether the UK should leave the EU, hosted by Nick Ferrari. If video does not play, click here.
Nick Ferrari at Breakfast 2nd July 2014, first half-hour of Nick's show with news from Lisa Aziz
Queen's 90th Birthday Shelagh Fogarty and Tom Swarbrick